"Web of Lies" is a motion comic featured on the DVD release of Torchwood: Miracle Day. It originated as a 10-part interactive story that was released as an app through the iTunes Store.



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1928; 2007; 2011

9/11; aeroplane; alcohol; Ambassador Hotel; ambulance; Apple Inc.; Astroland; the Blessing; blood; California; camera; cancer; car; Cardiff; chemotherapy; Chernobyl; chips; Coney Island; Dallas; Dead Man Musing; Earth; email; Federal Bureau of Investigation; Ferris wheel; fighter plane; grey alien; Guevara, Che; gun; Heinlein, Robert; hologram; Holy Grail; identification card; immortality; industrial oven; iron; Jack and Jill; Kennedy, John F.; Kennedy, Robert F.; Kiev; Kitzinger, Jilly; LaGuardia; laptop; LAX; Los Angeles; magnet; magnetic resonance imaging; medical overflow lot; Messina; Miracle Day; mobile phone; New York City; One Wilshire; Orwell, George; Owens, Stuart; PhiCorp; police box; police state; radar; radiation; red light camera; retcon gas; satellite; Sato, Toshiko; scalpel; self-destruct; shooting gallery; Soulless; Sudoku; sugar; Sunset Boulevard; tablet computer; Three Families; Torchwood Institute; UFO; Ukraine; Ukrainian language; United States; United States Air Force; Vatican City; Watch Your Head; Wilcox Avenue; wine; Wonder Wheel; X-ray

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