"Warriors of the Deep" is the first story of the twenty-first season of Doctor Who.


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Distant past; 2084

Achilles; airlock; ape; battle stations; battle team; brain; commander; computer; conditioning disc; court martial; doctor of medicine; Earth; electrocution; Elite Group 1; energy tracer; energy weapon; escape pod; genocide; grenade; gun; hexachromite; hibernation unit; hunter-killer; lieutenant; Michaels; missile computer; Myrka; nuclear reactor; oxygen; oxygen mask; particle suppressor; power bloc; proton missile; psychosurgical unit; radar; radiation; radio; reconnaissance probe; red alert; reptile; rifle; robot; scanner; Sea Base; Sea Base 4; Sea Base Command; Sea Devil; Sea Devil cutting device; Sea Devil gun; security clearance; Sentinel 6; sergeant; Silurian; Silurian battle cruiser; Silurian Triad; submarine; sync operator; Trion; Type 57; ultraviolet; ultraviolet converter

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