Toshiko Sato was technology specialist for Torchwood 3, the Cardiff branch of the Torchwood Institute, from 2004 until her death in 2009. Prior to this, she worked for the Ministry of Defence at the Lodmoor Research Facility.

Early life and educationEdit

Toshiko Sato was born in London in July 1975. Her parents were members of the Royal Air Force. Her Japanese grandfather worked at Bletchley Park and was persecuted during the Second World War. She moved to Osaka at the age of two, but returned to the United Kingdom in 1986. (TOR: "Greeks Bearing Gifts", "Captain Jack Harkness")

When later reflecting upon her past in an attempt to find a memory that defined her, she would remember her time spent in a maths club during her education, noting that "there’s something so reliable about maths" as there was "always the right answer." (TOR: "Adam")

After a period spent at university, she was snapped up by a government science think tank at the age of twenty. (TOR: "Greeks Bearing Gifts") By 2004, she was working at the Lodmoor Research Facility, a division of the Ministry of Defence. (TOR: "Fragments")


Toshiko Sato working on the sonic modulator in 2004




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