"Time-Flight" is the seventh story of the nineteenth season of Doctor Who.



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140 million BC; 18th century; 1982

Air Australia; airport controller; air stewardess; air traffic control; ambassador; Arabia; Australia; Badge for Mathematical Excellence; brigadier; Briggs' freighter; Bristol Channel; British Airways; Brontosaurus; captain; Castrovalva; chameleon circuit; cherubim; Concorde; Cornwall; cotton wool; cricket; cricket pavilion; Crystal Palace; Cyber Leader; Cyberman; demon; Department C19; dimensional stabiliser; dynamorphic generator; Earth; England; fakir; first officer; flight engineer; flower power; football; Furies; God; Golf Alpha Charlie; Golf Victor Foxtrot; general; Great Exhibition; Greek pillar; hallucination; Heathrow Airport; helicopter; Hyde Park; hypnosis; ice age; Indian rope trick; Indonesia; induction loop; Iron Curtain; juju; Jurassic; Kalistoran; Kosnax; Lethbridge-Stewart, Alistair; "the Lion"; little green men; London; Lord's; Lucifer; M4; Mach; magic; the Master's TARDIS; Melbourne; Melkur; Metropolitan Police; molecular disintegration; Mordal; Naval Intelligence; neuronic nucleus; New York City; North Atlantic Treaty Organisation; philosophy; Pilch, Fuller; plane; Plasmaton; Pleistocene; police box; professor; protein; protoplasm; psychokinesis; quantum accelerator; radar; radiation; radiation meter; radiation poisoning; radio; relative drift compensator; Russia; scanner; scarf; security clearance; sewage farm; Siberia; skipper; skunk; solar comparator; solar flare; Soviet Union; Speedbird; Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde; Sudbury, John; Sydney; telepathy; telephone; telephone kiosk; temporal limiter; Terileptil; time contour; time lapse compressor; Time Lord; tissue compression eliminator; transponder; ultrasonics; United Nations Intelligence Taskforce; University of Darlington; Vaan; Vardon; Vardon-Kosnax War; Varsh; Victorian age; Whitehall; Wisden, John; Xeraphas; Xeraphin; Xeraphin citadel; Xeraphin spaceship

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