"The Wheel in Space" is the seventh story of the fifth season of Doctor Who.


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1968; 2065; 2068

airlock; anti-magnetic shield; artificial gravity; astrogator; astrometricist; astronomer; astrophysicist; barometer; bernalium; "Billy Bug"; biochemist; biometrician; blaster; blood pressure; brain; cabbage; carrot; captain; catatonia; chief; chrome steel; the City; coffee; computer; communications officer; concussion; controller; crowbar; Cyberman; Cyberman mothership; Cybermat; cybernetics; Cyber Planner; Dalek; Denmark; "Doc"; doctor of medicine; Earth; Earth Central; easy yellow alert; electric convulsive therapy; England; espionage; extrasensory perception; fault indicator; fever; fleet; floating seed; flower; fluid link; food dispenser; fruit salad; gamma globulin; gamma radiation; Gordian Knot; gravy; greenhouse; gun; Harris, Frank; Harris, Maggie; heart; Hercules 208; Hercules Cluster; hyperoxide; hypnosis; ice cream; jet heliport; John Smith & Associates; kilt; kiltie; lemon drop; librarian; little green men; logic; memory bank; mercury; meson shield; Messier 13; meteorite; meteorite shower; Mondas; neutron barrier; nova; oil; oxygen; ozone; parapsychology; Perseid; Perseus Cluster; Phoenix Mark IV; physicist; polymer; pork; potato; psychoanalysis; psychology; psychotropic drug; Pull Back to Earth; pure mathematics; quick-set plastic; radar; radiation; radio; RNA; roast beef; robot; rocket; sabotage; Scandinavia; scanner; Scotland; second-in-command; servo robot; Silenski capsule; Silver Carrier; solid geometry; spaceman; spaceship; space station; Space Station W3; space suit; spacewalk; star; Station 5; stethoscope; supply ship; tape recording; telemeter; telephone box; thought scanner; time vector generator; Venus; video conference; Voyager 5; Voyager 8; X-ray; X-ray laser

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