"The Tomb of the Cybermen" is the first story of the fifth season of Doctor Who.


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1986; 2486; 2966

21; 500 Year Diary; alpha meson phosphor; anorak; archaeology; armillary sphere; barium; bioprojector; Boolean; brain; Brotherhood of Logicians; Burrier series; captain; caterpillar; chicken; coffee; computer; cosmic ray; crowbar; cryostat; Cyber Control; cybergun; Cyberman; Cybermat; cybernetic conversion; Dalek; Earth; electrical field; electrocution; fossil; gun; humanoid; hypnosis; kilt; logic; logician; Maxtible, Theodore; Mondas; the Moon; OR gate; pound; professor; refrigeration chamber; roast beef; roast veal; robot; Rocket Hire; rocket ship; Scotland; Skaro; smoke bomb; symbolic logic; Telos; time cabinet; time travel; Waterfield, Edward; Weather Control Moon; Whitehead, Alfred North; X-ray laser

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