"The Time Monster" is the fifth story of the ninth season of Doctor Who.


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2064 BC; 1527 BC; 1944; 1946; 1972

48-hour pass; anti-theft device; apple; Athens; Athens University; athlete; Atlantic Ocean; Atlantis; atom; axe; Azmael; Batman; Bessie; Big Bang; boa constrictor; Boadicea; Bond, James; brigadier; Brussels; bull; Burgundy; Cambridge; cannon; captain; car; catfish; Chronovore; classical education; computer; Crete; Crystal of Kronos; daisy; dematerialisation circuit; "Doc"; doctor; dog; duty officer; duty room; E=MC2; Earth; earthquake; elephant; fly; Gallifrey; God; god; Grants Committee; Greece; Greek language; Greyhound; Greyhound Three; gun; Hera; high priest; Hitler, Adolf; hypnosis; jeep; king; knight; lamb; London; marmalade; Michaelmas; Minoan civilisation; modern art; Morocco; mouse; Newton Institute; Official Secrets Act; Olympus; ox; pheasant; Plato; poodle; Poseidon; priest; professor; queen; rabbit; radiation; radiation suit; radio; Roundhead; sandwich; scanner; Second World War; section; sergeant; Seventh Enabling Act; sheep; squad; super drive; tea; telepathic circuits; telephone; Temple of Poseidon; Thascalos; Thera; tiger; time field; time flow analogue; timelock; Time Lord; time ram; time sensor; Time Vortex; Titan; TOMTIT; United Nations Intelligence Taskforce; UNIT HQ; V-1; Venus; Venusian; Venusian language; volcano; Westminster; Whitehall; wine; Women's Lib; Wootton; Zeus

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02BH41; John, Elton

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