"The Tenth Planet" is the second story of the fourth season of Doctor Who.

The Tenth Planet
Season 4 (1966-1967), Episode 5 to Episode 8
Air date 8 - 29 October 1966
Written by Kit Pedler and Gerry Davis
Directed by Derek Martinus
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The Smugglers
The Power of the Daleks


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1966; 1986

able seaman; Africa; America; Astrakhan hat; astronaut; astronomer; Carnaby Street; Cobra anti-missile; coffee; commanding officer; computer; Controller of the Earth; Cyberman; Cyberman spaceship; Cyberman weapon; cybernetics; Demeter rocket; French language; Earth; engineer; England; Europe; Father Christmas; general; general secretary; Geneva; helicopter; International Space Command; International Television News; Italian language; Jodrell Bank; knife; La donna è mobile; lieutenant; major; Malaysia; Mars; Mondas; the Moon; Mount Palomar; Nanook of the North; New Zealand; nuclear reactor; penguin; periscope; private; radar; radiation; radiation suit; radio; radio telescope; reactor rod; regeneration; robot; rocket; rocket base; Rome; Royal Navy; San Francisco; screwdriver; sledge; Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos; small arms; Snowcap; South America; South Island; South Pole; staff sergeant; submarine; sun; telephone; television; Texas; twin planet; United States Marine Corps; Venus; video conference; warhead; Woomera; Z-bomb; Zeus 4; Zeus 5

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