"The Seeds of Death" is the fifth story of the sixth season of Doctor Who.


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1500; 1960; 2044

3 (craft); 3 (spacecraft); acetic acid; aeroplane; airlock; American Airlines; armada; Asia; assistant controller; astral map; astronaut; Athens; Atlantic Ocean; atom; autopsy; balloon; Berlin; Bombay; caesium; Calcutta; Canberra; car; cereal; commander; communications satellite; computer; controller; "Doc"; Earth; Eldred's museum; electrocution; Europe; flamethrower; fleet; flying carpet; flying machine; fungus; g-force; Gaelic; Gagarin, Yuri; gas mask; grand marshal; Grant, Douglas D.; gun; Hamburg; HD cable; helical air screw; homing device; hydrochloric acid; Ice Warrior; Ice Warrior spaceship; Indian Ocean; Intercity Council; ion; ion jet rocket; Italian language; Izmir; knife; leading technician; Leonardo da Vinci; London; lunar passenger module; Man in the Moon; Mars; minister; molecule; the Moon; Moon Control; Moscow; New York City; Oslo; Ottawa; Paris; petrol; plenipotentiary; police box; professor; psychoanalysis; radar; radio; reptile; rocket; Rome; Russia; sabotage; Sargasso Sea; scanner; screwdriver; second-in-command; seed pod; Sol; solar amplifier; solar battery; solar energy device; solar power; sonic gun; Soviet Union; space suit; spacewalk; speed of light; Spitfire; squad; star; Stockholm; sulphuric acid; synthetic carbohydrate; synthetic protein; synthetics factory; technical co-ordinator; technician; telemeter; T-Mat; T-Mat Earth Control; Tokyo; Toronto; total recall; transporter; United Kingdom; United Nations; United Nations Security Council; videophone; Washington, D.C.; water; weather control; Weather Control Bureau; winter; ZA 685; Zurich

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