"The Sea Devils" is the third story of the ninth season of Doctor Who.


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  • The Master's room at the Fortress Island prison is extensively dressed with books, including a copy of Roget's Thesaurus and a publication from the Oxford University Press.
  • Writer Malcolm Hulke named a number of the principal characters after Royal Navy ships: Colonel George Trenchard after the submarine HMS Trenchard, Third Officer Jane Blythe after the minesweeper HMS Blyth, and Captain John Hart for the sloop HMS Hart.
  • The script describes Trenchard as "a middle-aged man dressed in conventional country-gentleman clothes - tweed suit, old school tie." The publicity material calls him "a loyal but not over-bright ex-colonial type." Developing the part in rehearsal, Clive Morton introduced signs of personal insecurity. In the script, for example, he first introduces himself as "George Trenchard," whereas on screen he insists on his military rank: "Colonel Trenchard."
  • The credits for this serial include the following caption: The BBC wishes to acknowledge the help given to them by the Royal Navy in the making of this programme."

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Distant past; 1972

able seaman; Admiralty; airlock; Air Sea Rescue; ambulance; ape; astronomer; bacon; boat; brigadier; Brighton; British currency; British Empire; buoy; camera; captain; car; chief petty officer; Clangers; cocoa; coffee; colonel; commander; commanding officer; Crimea; crystal set; Derbyshire; diving; diving vessel; draughts; Earth; egg; El Alamein; Elizabeth II; energy weapon; England; English Channel; espionage; fencing; flare gun; force field; Fortress Island; Fortress Island prison; Gallipoli; Geneva Convention; golf; governor; gun; helicopter; hibernation unit; hypnotism; knife; land mine; Land Rover; laser; leading seaman; leading telegraphist; Lethbridge-Stewart, Alistair; lieutenant; lieutenant commander; lifeboat; lizard; London; low frequency; magnifying glass; marmalade; master-at-arms; the Master's TARDIS; mermaid; Minister of Defence; Ministry of Defence; modern art; motorcycle; Nelson, Horatio; neutron; Night Ride; nuclear weapon; number one; Old Harry; Oscar Bravo Tango Seven Four; Parliament; Parliamentary Private Secretary; periscope; petty officer; SS Pevensey Castle; playing card; poker; Portsmouth; Prydon Academy; puppet; Quinn, John; radio; rear admiral; HMS Reclaim; reptile; Ridgeway's submarine; Royal Marines; Royal Navy; sabotage; salmon; sandwich; Scott; screwdriver; Sea Devil; Sea Devil gun; sea fort; Sea King; HMS Seaspite; seek and destroy; sergeant; ship; Silurian; small arms; sonar; sonic screwdriver; Special Task Force; submarine; Submarine Command; submarine escape equipment; sugar; taxi; tea; telephone; television; Time Lord; toast; torpedo; transistor radio; Trinity House; ultra high frequency; United Kingdom; United Kingdom law enforcement; United Nations Intelligence Taskforce; UNIT HQ; HMS Vernon; whiskey; Whitehall; Wrens

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50; 56; Backing Track; Consequences; Ferryboat Inn; God Save the Queen; The Illustrated London News; Julius Caesar; Old Oak Light Ale; SRN5; XT492

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