"The Power of the Daleks" is the third story of the fourth season of Doctor Who.

The Power of the Daleks
Season 4 (1966-1967), Episode 9 to Episode 14
Air date 5 November - 10 December 1966
Written by David Whitaker
Directed by Christopher Barry
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The Tenth Planet
The Highlanders


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1820; 1986; 2020

500 Year Diary; anti-magnetics; brass band; brewery; bus; butterfly; camera; China; computer; Crusades; dagger; Dalek; Dalek 9; Dalek 10; Dalek 11; Dalek 12; Dalek 13; Dalek 14; Dalek 15; Dalek 16; Dalek 17; Dalek 18; Dalek space capsule; deputy governor; the Doctor's ring; dog; dog whistle; Earth; Earth Examiner; electricity; engineer; ethyl alcohol; Father Christmas; fruit; glasses; governor; gun; hat; Kaled mutant; laser torch; magnifying glass; martial law; mercury; meteor storm; microphone; mining; neutraliser; oxygen; pepper pot; physics; pliers; Polo, Marco; positronic brain; power generator; rabbit; radiation; radio; recorder; regeneration; robot; rocket; Saladin; screwdriver; sedative; Snowcap; sodium; sodium ethoxide; sonic lock; South Pole; squad leader; static electricity; sulphuric acid; telephone; thermodynamics, first law of; tungsten steel; video conference; Vulcan; Vulcan colony; weather satellite

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Bad Wolf; C, Meash; dog; Enfield, Katherine; green book; life drawing; Magpie Electricals; Mark; milk; Oliver; Organisation Committee; ration tokens; R, Rob; Weyland-Yutani

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