"The Myth Makers" is the third story of the third season of Doctor Who.


Temple of SecretsEdit

Small Prophet, Quick ReturnEdit

Death of a SpyEdit

Horse of DestructionEdit

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1201 BC; 1194 BC; 1184 BC; 1174 BC

Achaean League; Aeneas; Apollo; Asia Minor; bacchante; Bosphorus; bow and arrow; bull; captain; cart; catapult; Central Asia; Cressida; Diomede; "Doc"; dog; drug; Earth; Europa; fetlock; flying machine; general; god; Great Horse of Asia; Greece; Greek; Hades; Helen; high priestess; Homer; hornet; horse; Ithaca; jackal; king; knife; Leda; lion; lightning; lord; Myrmidons; Olympus; ox; Patroclus; peacock; phoenix; poison; prince; ship; sorceress; spy; swan; sword; thunder; Trojan Horse; Trojan wars; Troy; trumpet; witch; Zeus

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