"The Moonbase" is the sixth story of the fourth season of Doctor Who.

The Moonbase
Season 4 (1966-1967), Episode 23 to Episode 26
Air date 11 February - 4 March 1967
Written by Kit Pedler
Directed by Morris Barry
Episode guide
The Underwater Menace
The Macra Terror


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1888; 1966; 2050; 2070

acetone; alcohol; astronomer; Atlantic Ocean; Atlantic Zone 6; Australia; benzene; Canada; chief scientist; coffee; computer; controller; cook; cybergun; Cyberman; Cyberman spaceship; Dane; Denmark; digital voltmeter; Doppler effect; Earth; "electronic doctor"; epoxypropane; ether; Europe; farmer; field rector; Florida; France; French language; general assembly; geologist; Germany; Glasgow; Gravitron; gravity; Hawaii; Hurricane Lucy; Iceland; interferon; International Space Control; International Space Control Headquarters; knighthood; laser cannon; Lister, Joseph; London; Macra; Man in the Moon; Mars; mathematician; medical doctor; Miami; microscope; milk; mind control; Mondas; the Moon; neurotropic virus; Neurotrope X; New Zealand; Nigeria; oxygen; oxygen mask; Pacific Ocean; Phantom Piper; physicist; piper; Polly cocktail; potentiometer; radar; radiation; radio; rat; robot; scanner; scientist; second sight; servo pump; shuttle rocket; sodium; sodium rocket; Sol; solvent; space plague; space suit; sugar; thermonuclear power pack; time scanner; United Kingdom; vortex generator; weather control; Weather Control Moon; Van Winkle, Rip

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