"The Faceless Ones" is the eighth story of the fourth season of Doctor Who.


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1750; 1966

413; 419; 729; admiral; airliner; Airport Police; Air Sea Rescue; air traffic control; Alderney; Athens; barley sugar; Black Forest; Blade; BR129; Briggs, Brian; British currency; Brussels; camera; captain; car; chameleon; Chameleon; Chameleon Headquarters; Chameleon homeworld; Chameleon Youth Tours; chief of police; coma; commandant; crowbar; Cyberman; Davidson, Ann; detective inspector; Dubrovnik; Dunsfold; Earth; electrocution; England; Epsom; fighter plane; fountain pen; freezing device; freezing gas; Freiburg; French language; frock coat; Gatwick Airport; Geneva; Germany; JY17; kilt; laser gun; Liverpool; London; lorry; Madrid; RAF Manston; Metropolitan Police; miniaturisation chamber; motorcycle; nurse; passport; police box; postcard; radar; radio; RAF 241; ray gun; Rome; Royal Air Force; satellite; Scotland; Scotland Yard; Scott; sergeant; somnalin; spaceship; Spain; Spencer; Sugar Delta X-ray; superintendent; Switzerland; Sylvia Avenue; HMS Teazer; telephone; television; Tim; tropical disease; United Kingdom; video conference; Wimbledon; X-ray; Zurich

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