"I'm not a human being. I walk in eternity."
- The Doctor (DW: "Pyramids of Mars")

The Doctor was the name most often used by a Time Lord scientist and engineer who travelled in time and space by piloting a Type 40 TARDIS. To his people he was variously a pioneer, a political figure, a criminal, and a reluctant agent of their interests, while his presence in the history of many worlds has led to him being mythologised and even deified in a number of civilisations.


The Doctor's first incarnation


The Doctor's second incarnation


The Doctor's third incarnation


The Doctor's fourth incarnation


The Doctor's fifth incarnation


The Doctor's sixth incarnation


The Doctor's seventh incarnation


The Doctor's eighth incarnation


The War Doctor


The Doctor's ninth incarnation


The Doctor's tenth incarnation


The Doctor's eleventh incarnation


The Doctor's twelfth incarnation




The Doctor had once been a father and a grandfather, and had at least one granddaughter. (DW: "Fear Her", "The Empty Child", "100,000 BC") He noted that - due to his non-linear way of experiencing events - he was "rubbish" at weddings, especially his own. (DW: "Blink") As of his tenth incarnation, he had lost his children long ago. He said that they left a hole in his life that was only filled with pain, and - until he encountered Jenny - he thought that the part of him that was a father died with them. (DW: "The Doctor's Daughter") He could remember his family when he wanted to but was only able to bring them back in front of his eyes when he really did: "the rest of the time they sleep in my mind, and I forget." (DW: "The Tomb of the Cybermen") When he asked if he had any family, his seventh incarnation would say that he did not know. (DW: "The Curse of Fenric")

He had memories of time spent with his father, and he once received a gift from a "dull godmother with two heads and bad breath." (DW: "Doctor Who", "Vincent and the Doctor") On one occasion he claimed that he was half-human, on his mother's side. (DW: "Doctor Who") He did have at least one brother, but no longer had one as of his tenth incarnation. (DW: "Smith and Jones")


"The Doctor is a legend woven throughout history. When disaster comes, he's there. He brings a storm in his wake and he has one constant companion: death."
- Clive Finch (DW: "Rose")

Through his actions, the Doctor was responsible for the existence of the word "doctor" as a term for a healer and wise man throughout the universe. In the language of the people of the Gamma Forests, the word "doctor" meant "mighty warrior." Lorna Bucket, a resident of the Gamma Forests, knew him as a "great warrior." (DW: "A Good Man Goes to War")

Until all the information connected with the Doctor was deleted from their hive mind, the Daleks regarded him as their greatest enemy. (DW: "Planet of the Daleks", "Asylum of the Daleks") Information concerning the Doctor was later harvested from the body of Tasha Lem. (DW: "The Time of the Doctor") In the ancient legends of the Dalek homeworld, he was known as the Oncoming Storm. (DW: "The Parting of the Ways") He was also an enemy of the Cyber race, who sought to capture him and his TARDIS. (DW: "Attack of the Cybermen") The Droge of Gabrielides once offered a whole star system for his head. (DW: "The Sun Makers")





DR. WHO - A name given to him by his three earthly friends because neither he nor they know who he is. Dr. Who is about 650 years old. Frail looking, but wiry and tough like an old turkey - is amply demonstrated whenever he is forced to run from danger. His watery blue eyes are continually looking around in bewilderment and occasionally a look of utter malevolence clouds his face as he suspects his earthly friends of being part of some conspiracy. He seems not to remember where he comes from but he has flashes of garbled memory which indicate he was involved in a galactic war and still fears pursuit by some unidentified enemy. Because he is somewhat pathetic his three friends continually try to help him find his way 'home', but they are never sure of his motives.

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