"The Daleks' Master Plan" is the fourth story of the third season of Doctor Who.


The Nightmare BeginsEdit

Day of ArmageddonEdit

Devil's PlanetEdit

The TraitorsEdit

Counter PlotEdit

Coronas of the SunEdit

The Feast of StevenEdit

"And so the Hunt was on..."

"Meanwhile in the Sheik's Tent..."

"Meanwhile in the Wardrobe Department..."

"Meanwhile back in the Sheik's Tent..."

"But what had happened to Steven?"

"Meanwhile all was not well at the Old Barn..."

"The Chase was on..."

"Meanwhile back at the Tardis..."

"And they lived happily ever after..."


Golden DeathEdit

Escape SwitchEdit

The Abandoned PlanetEdit

The Destruction of TimeEdit

Links and referencesEdit


Uncredited performersEdit



1066; 1925; 1965; 1966; 2157; 3950; 3975; 3990; 3995; 3998; 4000

1-11; Arab; Arabia; Australia; banana; bat; Brighton; cactic power; camel; Cassandra; car; Central City; Central Communications Earth; clown; coffee bar; computer; Channel 403; Christmas Day; continuum stabiliser; Course 707; court martial; cricket; Crime Investigation Department; custard pie; Daheer, Ben; Dalek; Dalek city; Dalek occupation of Earth (2157-67); Dalek pursuit ship; Dalek rescue ship; Dalek Supreme; Dalek time machine; DeMille, Cecil B.; Desperus; diatrab; directional unit; "Doc"; the Doctor's ring; drug; Earth; Egypt; Egyptian; elephant; Embodiment Gris; England; Fairbanks, Douglas; Father Christmas; ferry; Fifth Galaxy; First Rank; Fisar; Flip T-4; force field; Fourth Galaxy; Galactic Council; the Galaxy; G Division; Good King Wenceslas; gravity force; Great Pyramid; greenhouse; Guardian of the Solar System; harem; Harry; Hathor; Hollywood; humanoid; impulse compass; Intergalactic Conference of Andromeda; Isis; Jaffa; Kembel; knife; Liverpool; London; Los Angeles; magnetic chair; magnetic tape; magnetised beam; Mars; Mars Colony 16; Mechonoid; the Monk's TARDIS; mineralogy; Mira; molecular dissemination; mouse; neutronic randomiser; Non-Aggression Pact of 3975; Operation Inferno; outer galaxy; pharaoh; poison; politician; potato; princess; professor; Pursuit Fleet Commander; pyramid; pyro-flame; ray gun; reliance power; Relief of Mafeking; Roman; Ross; sawmill; scanner; Scotland; screamer; Second Rank; seismic detector; Solar System; Space Security Service; spaceship; space-time scope; Spar 740; steering booster; tablet; taranium; Technic; Tenth Galaxy; Tigus; Timbuktu; time curve indicator; Time Destructor; time travel; Troy; ultrasonics; underworld; Uranus; Varga plant; Venus; Vicki; Visian; Wales; While Shepherds Watch

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