"The Crusade" is the sixth story of the second season of Doctor Who.


The LionEdit

The Knight of JaffaEdit

The Wheel of FortuneEdit

The WarlordsEdit

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1190; 1191; 2167

Acre; Allah; Andersen, Hans Christian; ant; Arsuf; Ascalon; Baghdad; Basra; bow and arrow; British monarchy; Brothers de l'Etable; chamberlain; Christianity; Conrad of Tyre; Crusade; date; date honey; Devil; dog; Earth; Egypt; emir; England; falconry; France; Franks; Saint George; Genoa; God; gold; Gulliver's Travels; hawk; Henry II; Holy Land; Holy Sepulchre; horse; India; insect; Islam; ivory; jackal; Jaffa; Jerusalem; John of England; knife; knight; lance; Lilliput; lion; Lydda; man-at-arms; Saint Michael; Nero; Philip of France; pig; Pisa; player; pope; prince; princess; queen; Ramlah; Rome; Romeo and Juliet; Saracen; satin; Scheherazade; Shakespeare, William; silk; sparrow; sultan; sword; Syria; trader; treaty; Turkey; Tyre; Venice; Vortis; witch

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