"The Chase" is the eighth story of the second season of Doctor Who.


The ExecutionersEdit

The Death of TimeEdit

Flight Through EternityEdit

Journey into TerrorEdit

The Death of Doctor WhoEdit

The Planet of DecisionEdit

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16th century/17th century; 1863; 1872; 1963; 1965; 1966; 1996; 2215; 2263; 2265; 2965

Alabama; American Civil War; animal; Aridian; Aridian underground city; Aridius; armillary sphere; Azores; Barbary Terror; BBC1; The Beatles; beer; Bodie, Cheyenne; bus; camera; car; cardigan; castle; Central Europe; Chanin Tower; Chrysler Tower; civil war; classical music; Coal Hill School; Columbus, Christopher; computer; cricket; Dalek; Dalek occupation of Earth (2157-67); Dalek Supreme; Dalek time machine; Denmark; the Doctor's walking stick; Earth; Einstein, Albert; Empire State Building; energy; English language; Falstaff; Flight Red Fifty; food machine; Foreman, Susan; Frankenstein's House of Horrors; fungoid; fungus; Gettysburg Address; guava; Hamlet; Hamlet; Hi Fi; Hollywood; Hudson River; humanoid; light; light neutron; lineal amplifier; Liverpool; London; Mary Celeste; mass; Mechanus; Mechonoid; Mechonoid city; mermaid; mire beast; monkey; Monsters from Outer Space; the Moon; mule; neutraliser; New York City; nightingale; Oldcastle, John; Peking; Pennsylvania; perceptor; phagocyte; pigeon; plant; police box; prince; pub; reproducer; robot; sailing ship; Santa Maria; screwdriver; seaweed; section; Segaro Desert; seismic detector; sewing machine; Skaro; sonic rectifier; South America; space station; Statue of Liberty; Taltarian airlock; TARDIS magnet; television; Ticket to Ride; time path detector; Time-Space Visualiser; Tower of London; Trafalgar Square; United States; vampire; vampire bat; Venderham's Law

Additional referencesEdit

Festival of Ghana; Jupiter; London Underground; Mars; Neptune; Pluto; Saturn; Uranus; Venus; White City

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