"The Ambassadors of Death" is the third story of the seventh season of Doctor Who.

The Ambassadors of Death
Season 7 (1970), Episode 12 to Episode 18
Air date 21 March - 2 May 1970
Written by David Whitaker
Directed by Michael Ferguson
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Doctor Who and the Silurians


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1969; 1971

aeroplane; Algonquin; analogue-digital converter; antibiotic; anti-theft device; Arecibo; Assault Platoon; astronaut; Athens Observatory; Australia; Bank of England; Bessie; blood; brigadier; British Army; Cambridge; Cambridge University; camera; captain; car; communications satellite; computer; corporal; cortisone; Daniels, Jim; Earth; England; espionage; fire engine; football; force field; Fort Knox; France; French language; g-force; gas cylinder; gas mask; Geiger counter; general; Geneva; gun; H37 compound; Haystack; helicopter; Hertfordshire; Houston; isotope; Japan; jeep; Jodrell Bank; lance corporal; Land Rover; London; lorry; M3 variant; Mars; Mars Probe 6; Mars Probe 7; Massachusetts; meteor; minister; ministry; missile; the Moon; motorcycle; Nancy; NASA; nuclear warhead; platoon; private; pulsar; rabbit; radar; radiation; radiation suit; radio; radio telescope; Recovery 7; Recovery 8; revolver; rocket; Royal Military Police; section; security clearance; sergeant; smoke bomb; solar battery; solar flare; SOS; Space Control Centre; Space Security Department; staff car; swagger stick; tape recording; taxi; telephone; television; thermal lance; time vector generator; Tokyo; tracking station; UFO; United Kingdom; United Kingdom law enforcement; United Nations Intelligence Taskforce; United Nations Security Council; UNIT HQ; van; video conference; Vorograd; warhead; warren; yellow alert; zombie

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47ER83; BMC; G-AWFL; Hayhoe Launderers; Lansing Bagnall; Military Cross; OLR461E; Order of the British Empire (Military Division); Silcock Bakeries

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