"The Abominable Snowmen" is the second story of the fifth season of Doctor Who.


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  • In the stage directions, Travers' first name was listed as Edward although this was not given on-screen in either this serial or "The Web of Fear"; the character was described as "forty years old. Tall, well built, and bearded. A tough fit man of high intelligence but ruthless in his single minded search for the Yeti."
  • No specific date was given for the serial, but the setting was sometime in the 1930s - the time at which interest in the abominable snowman first took off in Britain. In Episode Two, the Doctor spoke of an attack on the Detsen Monastery in 1630 which Thomni said was 300 years earlier in Episode Four; Travers also indicated that he had already spent 20 years searching for the Yeti. The later sequel story, The Web of Fear, made reference to the Travers expedition of 1935 during Episode 2.
  • Deborah Watling suggested her father, Jack Watling, for the role of Travers when she was given a copy of the script in advance; Innes Lloyd agreed that this was a good idea and asked her to suggest the role to her father over tea that evening.
  • Visual effects designer Ulrich Grosser moulded latex hands and feet for the Yeti costume, while the radio-controlled Cybermats were cannibalised for mechanisms to fit in the spheres; Jack Kine assisted with some of the work on this serial.

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1630; 18th century; 1915; 1935

abbot; anthropologist; armillary sphere; astral travel; bear; bird; bow and arrow; British currency; Buddha; Buddhist; control unit; Cyber Control; Cyberman; Detsen Monastery; devil; Earth; England; Great Intelligence; gun; Himalayas; holy ghanta; hypnotism; India; lama; levitation; monk; mountain rabbit; Om mani padme hum; recorder; robot; scanner; scimitar; Scottish Highlands; screwdriver; stave; Tibet; Twinkle Twinkle Little Star; warrior; Yeti; Yeti (robot)

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