"Survival" is the fourth story of the twenty-sixth season of Doctor Who.


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1987; 1989

alcohol; bicycle; Birmingham; boxing; British Army; British currency; car; carnivore; cat; cheese; Cheetah People; coffee bar; "Darth Vader"; doctor of medicine; dog; Drayton Court; Earth; Feline Food; Felix; Flo; fob watch; fruit machine; Furry; gun; hayfever; horse; Horsenden Hill; hunting; Hunt Saboteurs; Jay; juggling; Kitling; leopard; lion; London; Metropolitan Police; milk; milk float; motorcycle; neighbourhood watch; Perivale; Perivale Youth Club; Planet of the Cheetah People; plumber; Purrfect; rugby; SAS; sergeant; Sheba; skull; Stevie; tea; telepathy; telephone; telephone box; teleportation; television; Territorial Army; Tiger; U2; UFO; United Kingdom; War; Whiskas; worm stew; wrestling

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Andrex; Benn, Nigel; Bowie, David; Brown, Bobby; Bruno, Frank; Cats; Cherry, Neneh; Coetzee, Gerrie; Collins, Tony; Dent, Dave; Douglas, Dave; Ealing Lead Free; Feeney, John; Ferrero Rocher; Gazette; Gilbody, Ray; Graham, Herol; Hetheringtons; Honeyghan, Lloyd; Housing Britain; John-Lewis, Ian; Kalambay, Sumbu; Lonsdale; Manor; Mason, Gary; McCallum, Tommy; McDonnell, Jim; McLeod, Ian; McKenzie, Duke; Melody Maker; Nationwide Anglia; News of the World; The Pajama Game; Pet Shop Boys; Ritz; rye bread; Shelter; Shufford, Horace; Ski; Smith, Trevor; Spectrum Arena; Stretch, Gary; Tillis, James "Quick"; Tin Machine; Vaca, Jorge; Warrington; Wembley Arena; Williams, Andy; Williams, Derek; Willis, Tony; York Hall

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