"Smith and Jones" is the first episode of the third series of Doctor Who.


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1983; 1987; 1993; 2006; 2007; 2008; 2010

ambulance; banana; Battle of Canary Wharf; Big Ben; Biggs, Ronald; blood; blood bank; brainstem; Britannia; British currency; bunion; car; carbohydrate; Canary Wharf; Chancellor Street; Christmas; Cyberman (Pete's World); diabetes; Earth; English language; Evans; fake tan; Florida; Franklin, Benjamin; Galactic Law; Gallifreyan language; GCSE; genetic transfer; gravitic anomalyser; H2O Scoop; handbrake; helmic regulator; Hippocrates; Hippocratic Oath; Judoon; Judoon gun; Judoon scanner; Judoon ship; Judoon translator; laser spanner; London; London Eye; magnet; magnetic resonance imaging; Market Tavern Hotel; the Master; medical student; Michelin Guide; milkshake; Ménière's disease; Metropolitan Police; mobile phone; Model Inn; mono-magnetic pulse; the Moon; nurse; Oshodi, Adeola; Padrivole Regency Nine; Pankhurst, Emmeline; plasma coil; Plasmavore; Popcorn; postman; Principality; Quizmania; radio; ReoPro; Rio de Janeiro; rhinoceros; Rontgen brick; Rontgen radiation; Royal Hope Hospital; salad; salt; salt deficiency; sandwich; Saxon, Harold; seawater; Slab; Smith, John; soap; sonic screwdriver; static electricity; stethoscope; stomach cramp; tesla; Time Lord; Topshop Topman; Tyler, Rose; United Kingdom; Zovirax

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