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Colonel Schwartz was a United States Army officer who served in the United Nations Intelligence Taskforce during the late 2000s.


In March 2006, Schwartz was among the experts in extraterrestrial events gathered by the United Kingdom's government following the destruction of Big Ben by a crashing alien spaceship. Part of a retinue of UNIT officers drawn from the US Army, he attended a meeting held by acting Prime Minister Joseph Green and General Asquith at 10 Downing Street. He was killed along with the other experts when Green, revealing himself to instead be an alien in disguise, used a remote control to activate devices planted in their ID cards that electrocuted them. (DW: "Aliens of London", "World War Three")


Schwartz was played by an unknown performer.

Schwartz's uniform displayed numerous military awards, including the Army Meritorious Unit Commendation. He was also a recipient of the Combat Infantryman Badge and the Senior Parachutist Badge.

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