Sarah Jane Smith was an English journalist who travelled with the Time Lord known as the Doctor.


Sarah Jane Smith (1975)


Sarah Jane Smith (2011)

Early historyEdit

Sarah Jane Smith was born in May 1951 in the village of Foxgrove. (SJA: "The Temptation of Sarah Jane Smith") Her star sign was Taurus. (SJA: "Secrets of the Stars") Her parents, Eddie and Barbara Smith, died when their car collided with a broken-down tractor on 18 August 1951. (SJA: "The Temptation of Sarah Jane Smith") She once remarked that her father would have wanted her to shovel horse manure for a living. ("The Paradise of Death") Her uncle Hubert owned a grandfather clock. ("The Ghosts of N-Space")

She was raised by her aunt, Lavinia Smith. (SJA: "The Temptation of Sarah Jane Smith")

She began her career as a journalist when she was nineteen, "doorstepping" for the South Croydon Echo. (SJA: "Goodbye, Sarah Jane Smith") She worked for editor Lionel Carson when she first started on the nationals. (SJA: "The Man Who Wasn't There")

In 1973, Smith came to Devesham to do a story on Guy Crayford's disappearance. She stayed at Fleur de Lys while in the town. (DW: "The Android Invasion")

Life aboard the TARDISEdit



Sarah Jane Smith meets the Doctor for the first time (1974)



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