"Rose" is the first episode of the first series of Doctor Who.


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1883; 1912; 1950s; 1963; 1995; 2001; 2004; 2005

A-level; alien; anti-plastic; ape; Arianna; Auton; axe; BBC News 24; bean; beer; Bev; Bible; black pudding; bomb; breast implant; British currency; bronze medal; butcher; car; cat; Central London; champagne; chief electrician; Chinese takeaway; chips; coffee; computer; council; culture shock; Daily Mirror; Daniels family; Debbie; department store; Derek; dioxin; Doctor Who?; double-decker bus; Earth; email; Finch's; Gallifreyan language; gay; Genghis Khan; God; Greek; gymnastics; Heat; Henrik's; Internet; Jericho Street Junior School; Kennedy, John F.; Krakatoa; lamb; London; London Eye; London Transport; lottery; The Lovely Bones; Metropolitan Police; milk; mobile phone; Nestene; Nestene Consciousness; Nestene duplicate; Piccadilly Circus; Pier; pizza; plastic; police box; Powell Estate; President of the United States; protein planet; pub; Queens Arcade; radio; Royal Mail;; Shadow Proclamation; sonic screwdriver; Southampton; star chart; Stone, Jimmy; Suki; Sumatra; tea; telephone; telephone box; television; thought control; Time War; RMS Titanic; Tizzano's Pizza Restaurant; toast; toxin; Trafalgar Square; tube station; United Kingdom; warp shunt; Washington, D.C.; wheelie bin; Wilson, H.P.

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14; American Medical Association; ALDO; Arriva; Budweiser; Burger King; Camberwell Green; Chelsea; Clinique; Coca-Cola; Connally, John; Connally, Nellie; Doctor's Guide; Doctor's Guide Publishing; Dolce & Gabbana; EastEnders; Emery, Julie; FA Premier League; Fletcher Morgan; Frith, Fred; Fulham; Green Day; Gudang Garam; Hyde Park Corner; Ixnay on the Hombre; James Howell & Co. Ltd.; Kellerman, Roy; Kennedy, Jacqueline; Lidley, Julian; The Lion King; The Living Plastic Creations of Dr. Rhenborg; Mellor & Luxton; McDonald's; Needle Doctor; Newsweek; Nimrod; The Offspring; Paltrow, Gwyneth; Piccadilly; Pucca; Putney; Samsung; Sebold, Alice; Streatham Garage; TDK; South Kensington; Starbucks; Staywell; Tottenham Court Road Stn; United States law enforcement; Versace

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