"Robot" is the first story of the twelfth season of Doctor Who.


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Alexander the Great; Alice; Alice's Adventures in Wonderland; Alpha Centauran; Alpha Centauri Table Tennis Club; alternative energy; artillery; atomic missile; atomic shelter; automated machine gun nest; Bessie; Blanco; Bond, James; brigadier; British Army; brontosaurus; Buckingham Palace; Cabinet; camera; captain; car; cat; China; clown; Cold War; commando; computer; Copernicus; corporal; dandelion; destructor codes; disintegrator gun; doctor of medicine; dog; Downing Street; dynastream; Earth; Elizabeth II; Emmett's Electronics; espionage; Essex; explosive; Flat Earthers; flying saucer; focusing generator; Fort Knox; galactic passport; Galileo; grenade; grenade launcher; Greyhound Leader; gun; Hannibal; heart; helicopter; iceberg; jelly baby; journalist; K1; land mine; Land Rover; lieutenant; living metal; major; Mars-Venus rocket run; medical officer; metal virus; mining; Minister of Defence; Ministry of Defence; Ministry of Health; the Moon; mouse; myocardial infarction; nuclear war; Oedipus complex; oil; police box; pollution; professor; pulmonary embolism; radiation; radio; rat; regeneration; rifle; robot; robotics; Royal Air Force; Russia; scientific adviser; Scientific Reform Society; screwdriver; Skaro; skipping; solar cell; solar power; sonic lance; sonic screwdriver; Sontaran; squad; stethoscope; swagger stick; sword; tank; tape recorder; TARDIS key; telephone; thermolock; Think Tank; Tin Man; RMS Titanic; Trap One; United Kingdom; United Nations Intelligence Taskforce; United States; UNIT HQ; US Cavalry; Viking; Warrant Officer Class 1; Weapons Research Centre; windmill; yo-yo

Additional referencesEdit

20DM58; General Service Medal (1962); RMF654L

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