"Revenge of the Cybermen" is the fifth story of the twelfth season of Doctor Who.


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2825; 2873; 2875

apple; Armageddon Convention; asteroid; brigadier; chancellor; chief councillor; Colville; commander; computer; councillor; crewmaster; Cyber-bomb; Cyber Leader; Cyberman; Cybermat; Cybership; Cyber War; death penalty; doctor of medicine; Earth; engineer; English language; exographer; fetlock; freighter; Ganymede Beacon; glittergun; gold; Guardian; gun; Great Circle; horse; Houdini, Harry; Interplanetary Space Command; jelly baby; Jupiter; Latin; Lethbridge-Stewart, Alistair; Macbeth; medal; Nerva Beacon; Pan-Tec; pentalium drive; phobic energy; plague; Pluto; poison; professor; psionic beam; putrefaction; quarantine; radar; radiation; radio; Royal Navy; satellite; screwdriver; skimmer; Skystriker; snake; solar flare; Solar System; sonic screwdriver; stethoscope; tibia; time ring; transmat; transmat beam; Turk's head; video conference; vision projector; Voga; Vogan; Vogan militia; Vogan mouse; yo-yo; Zerus X20

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