"Revelation of the Daleks" is the sixth story of the twenty-second season of Doctor Who.


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4575; 4613; 4615

accountancy; alcohol; agronomist; assassin; A Whiter Shade of Pale; bastic bullet; Beck's syndrome; Blue Suede Shoes; bodysnatching; bomb; bread; brain; capital offence; cat badge; chief embalmer; college; communicator; computer; cotton; cryogenic chamber; Dalek; Dalek battle cruiser; Dalek freighter; death penalty; delirium tremens; disc jockey; doctor of medicine; Earth; embalming; energy weapon; engineer; escape pod; farmer; famine; fob watch; the Galaxy; Garden of Fond Memories; genetic engineering; George; Good Vibrations; Grand Order of Oberon; Great Healer; grenade; gun; hanging; Herbabaculum vitae; Hound Dog; humanoid; immortality; In the Mood; Kaled; knife; knight; Lennon, John; life support chair; Monroe, Marilyn; Moonlight Serenade; mortuary; mutation; Necros; pistol; power pack; president; professor; protein; PRS1; rabies; radio; rodent; security camera; Skaro; soya bean; speelsnape; squad; squire; Supreme Dalek; surgery; suspended animation; sword; synthetic protein; syringe; Time Lord; Tranquil Repose; transmitter; transponder; transporter; United States; Vargos; video conference; voltrox

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