"Resurrection of the Daleks" is the fourth story of the twenty-first season of Doctor Who.


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1984; 4500; 4590

airlock; air stewardess; ambulance; antidote; battle computer; battle stations; bomb; bomb disposal squad; bridge; British Army; captain; car; cat; chemist; Cloister Bell; combat boot; commander; constable; Constitution of Earth; cryogenic chamber; Dalek; Dalek battle cruiser; Dalek duplicate; Dalek Troopers; Davros's prison; deflector shield; doctor of medicine; double-decker bus; duplication chamber; Earth; energy weapon; engineer; engineering; explosive charge; fighter; Gallifrey; gas grenade; generating plant; genetic engineering; gun; High Council of the Time Lords; inspector; K-9; Kaled mutant; land mine; laser cannon; lieutenant; lieutenant colonel; life support chair; London; machine pistol; martial law; mechanical engineer; Metropolitan Police; mind control; Ministry of Defence; Movellan; Movellan virus; neutraliser; officer of the watch; patrol ship; professor; quartermaster sergeant; radio; red alert; rodent; security clearance; self-destruct mechanism; sergeant; space station; Space War; Special Guard; stun laser; supply vessel; Supreme Dalek; task force; tea; telephone; time corridor; Time Lord; time travel; Tower Bridge; van; Vanessa; Vita 15 native; warp drive

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