The Prydon Academy, also known as the Time Academy, was a university located on the planet Gallifrey.


Eight-year-old novices were taken from their families to undergo initiation into the Academy. They were made to stare into the Untempered Schism, a gap in the fabric of reality that revealed the whole of the Time Vortex. It was thought that, of those who underwent this experience, some would be inspired, some would go mad and some would run away. (DW: "The Sound of Drums")

At the induction ceremony, entrants into the Academy recited the following pledge: "I swear to protect the ancient law of Gallifrey with all my might and main. I will to the end of my days, with justice and with honour, temper my actions and my thoughts." Romana claimed that on her induction she - "like everyone else" - just mouthed the words of the pledge. ("Shada")



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