"Planet of the Spiders" is the fifth story of the eleventh season of Doctor Who.


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1964; 1975; 5000; 5433

abbot; Amazon River; Archimedes; Athenum Road; Bessie; boat; brain; brigadier; Brighton; British Rail; Buddhist; captain; car; Cave of Crystal; clairvoyance; coffee; constable; cow; crocodile; "Doc"; Doris; Drashig; EAG113H; Earth; Eight Legs; electrocephalograph; espionage; extrasensory perception; fish and chips; flower; G-AXVK; Gallifrey; Geneva; Great One; guard captain; gun; gyroplane; horse; Houdini, Harry; hovercraft; Huarth; Indian; inspector; intelligence quotient; IRIS; Jones, Cliff; Jones, Jo; journalist; lama; laser; Liverpool; Mallet Lane; mandala; Mars; medical officer; meditation; meditation centre; Metebelis III; Metebelis crystal; meteorite; Metropolitan; Metropolitan Police; Mortimer; mutton; Om mani padme hum; Operation Golden Age; Pepys, Samuel; Percy; Pop Goes the Weasel; professor; psychokinesis; psycholotry; pussycat; queen; radiation; radio; regeneration; regiment; sales director; salesman; sales manager; Scheherazade; sergeant; sheep; Skorda; sonic screwdriver; South America; space-time coordinate programmer; spider; starship; Sullivan, Harry; TARDIS; TARDIS key; tea; telepathy; telephone; teleport; Tibet; Tibetan language; time jump; Time Lord; Time Vortex; tractor; train; Turkey; The Tyger; United Kingdom; United Kingdom law enforcement; United Nations Intelligence Taskforce; UNIT HQ; Vajrayana; WVO2M

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