"Planet of Giants" is the first story of the second season of Doctor Who.

Planet of Giants
Season 2 (1964-1965), Episode 1 to Episode 3
Air date 31 October - 14 November 1964
Written by Dennis Spooner
Directed by Mervyn Pinfield and Douglas Camfield
Episode guide
The Reign of Terror
The Dalek Invasion of Earth


Planet of GiantsEdit

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1794; 1963; 1964

agriculture; air raid; ant; bee; boat; Bunsen burner; cat; cement; cigarette; cordite; corn; DN6; Earth; earthworm; egg; England; ester; fault locator; fly; France; gun; gunpowder; insect; insecticide; litmus paper; locust; London; matchstick; minister; ministry; Night-scented Stock; nitrate; Norfolk; Norwich; ostrich; phosphoric acid; Ralph Seed Co Ltd; scanner; snake; space pressure; telephone; telephone operator; toffee; United Kingdom; United Kingdom law enforcement; wheat; Whitehall; Whitmore; world's fair; Zeppelin

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