"Paradise Towers" is the second story of the twenty-fourth season of Doctor Who.


Part OneEdit

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Part ThreeEdit

Part FourEdit

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Uncredited performersEdit

  • Richard Briers as Kroagnon (2-3) (voice only)
  • Unknown performer as Air Duct (3)




97/2, subsection 9; 348; architect; audioarchitectonicalmetrasynchosity; basil; Blue Kang; brain; brainquarters; Bridge of Perpetual Motion; budgerigar; butter; cake; caretaker; chief caretaker; computer; corpoelectroscopy; crumpet; death penalty; deputy chief caretaker; Earth; Emergency Regulation No. 348/5, subsection 6; explosive; eye-spy; Fountain of Happiness Square; Golden Dream Park; Great Pool in the Sky; Griophos; Gulmeri; Illustrated Prospectus of Paradise Towers; Inbetweens; Kang; knife; Master Plan QYT; Megapodic Mark 7Z cleaner; Miracle City; octopus; Oldsters; Paradise Towers; Potassium Street; psychopath; rat; Red Kang; Regulation Book 145; Regulation ZZZ; Rezzies; robot; scanner; shawl; ship; Sodium Street; sprinkle gas; Standard Emergency Plan 908B; swimming pool; talkyphone; tea; television; toasting fork; video conference; wallscrawl; XY3 standard-issue waste disposal unit; Yellow Kang; Youngsters

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