The Laws of Time were a set of laws known to the Time Lords that governed time travel. The discovery of the Laws of Time were understood to be required for the independent creation of a means for time travel, and all Time Lords were pledged to uphold these laws. (DW: "Attack of the Cybermen", "The Hand of Fear")

The First Law of Time forbid the interference of Time Lords in the affairs of other peoples and planets. (DW: "The Mysterious Planet") A distortion of history would contravene the First Law. (DW: "The Hand of Fear") To allow a Time Lord to interact with their other regenerations would be another transgression of this law. (DW: "The Three Doctors") To initiate the rapid aging of another being was also in defiance of the Laws of Time. (DW: "The Claws of Axos")

The Doctor once styled himself as a "Defender of the Laws of Time." (DW: "Remembrance of the Daleks")

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