"Kinda" is the third story of the nineteenth season of Doctor Who.


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2742; 2782

Abide with Me; acid; airlock; bacteria; Box of Jhana; brain wave; chromosome; clown; coin; delta wave; delta wave augmenter; Deva Loka; Deva Loka apple; double helix; draughts; dream; Earth; Earth military; Emergency Class 5B; expedition commander; explosive charge; expedition dome; fungus; gun; ice cream; Intelligent Life Form; jester; K-9; Kinda; Kinda wind chime; Mara; microscope; mirror; molecular biology; mothership; nervous breakdown; Not We; Roberts; snake; solar generator panel; sonic screwdriver; SR security; star chart; telepathy; Total Survival Suit; UK; video conference; watch; whale; windmill; virus

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