Josephine "Jo" Jones (née Grant) was a United Nations Intelligence Taskforce agent who served as an assistant to the Doctor. She was later married to Nobel Prize winning biologist Cliff Jones.


Jo Grant (1972)


Jo Grant was born in the early 1950s. (SJA: "Death of the Doctor") She took general science at A-level, but did not pass. (DW: "Terror of the Autons")


Jo Jones (2010)



Jo Grant on her first visit to an alien planet





An excerpt from the BBC memo that outlined the characters to be introduced in Season 8

During the planning stages for Season 8 in the early months of 1970, producer Barry Letts and script editor Terrance Dicks issued a memo to the writers commissioned for the upcoming season. This memo laid out three new recurring characters to be featured in Season 8.

Amongst them was Jo Grant, the new companion who would replace Liz Shaw. The following was written about her:

"Glamorous young female intelligence agent newly attached to UNIT, [sic] Keen, professional, lots of charm. Works with the Doctor. Needs to be involved in the story in an active way, not just as a screaming heroine or passing the Doctor's test tubes. Not a scientist, though with enough basic background to understand what's going on.

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