For the 20th century human of the same name, please see Jack Harkness (RAF).

"Captain Jack Harkness" was the identity adopted by a 51st century human Time Agent native to the Boeshane Peninsula. After having his memory stolen by his employers, he became a time-travelling con man and, following a period spent travelling with a Time Lord known as the Doctor, achieved immortality when he was made a fixed point in time and space.

Jack Harkness
Jack Harkness (2011)


Time Agent
Con man
Torchwood Institute field operative (1899 to 2000)
British Army (c. 1899 to c. 1909, captain by 1909)
First World War veteran
Second World War veteran
Torchwood 3 commander (2000 to 2008 and 2008 to 2009)
Torchwood team (2011)


Unknown (2013)


51st century (before 5094), Boeshane Peninsula


Franklin and unnamed mother

Other family:

Gray (brother) and Steven Carter (grandson)


John Hart (partner)
Unnamed wife (early 20th century)

Other notable relationships:

Algy (lover, 1941)
Marcel Proust (boyfriend)
Eleanor, Duchess of Melrose (lover, c. 1924)
Angelo Colasanto (lover, 1927 and 1928)
Christopher Isherwood (lover)
Estelle (lover, Second World War era)
Lucia Moretti (lover, c. 1975)
Ianto Jones (lover, 2007 to 2009)
Alonso Frame (lover, 2011)
Brad (lover, 2011)


Alice Carter (born 1975)


6 (2010, CIA investigative report)


183 (2010, CIA investigative report)

Early lifeEdit

Time Agent and con manEdit

Aboard the TARDISEdit

Life on EarthEdit

19th centuryEdit

20th centuryEdit

21st centuryEdit




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