"Invasion of the Dinosaurs" is the second story of the eleventh season of Doctor Who.

Invasion of the Dinosaurs
Season 11 (1973-1974), Episode 5 to Episode 10
Air date 12 January - 16 February 1974
Written by Malcolm Hulke
Directed by Paddy Russell
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The Time Warrior
Death to the Daleks


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65 million BC; 1951; 1954; 1974

adjutant; Apatosaurus; airlock; athlete; atomic bomb; atomic war; Bank of England; Berkeley Square; bicycle; Blinovitch Limitation Effect; brain; bread; brigadier; British Army; British monarchy; bus; bus stop; camera; captain; car; Central London; chauffeur; chief engineer; China; Chung Sen; Cold War; the Common; corporal; court martial; covering fire; despatch rider; detention centre; dinosaur; dog; Earth; electrical field; Emergency Powers Act; Europe; explosive; field gun; fish; flare; Florana; force field; fox; fur; general; Geneva; grenade; grenade launcher; Greyhound One; handcuffs; hangar; Harrogate; helicopter; Holy Land; Hyde Park; Industrial Revolution; jazz; Jeep; John of England; journalist; judge; jury; Land Rover; Last Chance for Man; lieutenant; London; London Transport; London Underground; maggot; martial law; mercury; Metropolitan and Circle Lines; Metropolitan Police; milk float; minister; Minister with Special Powers; Nature; New Earth; newspaper; nightingale; No. 5 Reception Centre; novelist; nuclear reactor; Olympics; Operation Golden Age; Oxford University; Parliament; petrol; Piccadilly; pollution; power station; priest; Prime Minister of the United Kingdom; private; private member's bill; professor; pterodactyl; radio; reptile; Richard the Lionheart; robber baron; Royal Air Force; Royal Artillery; Royal Engineers; Save Planet Earth Society; scientific adviser; Scotland; Scottish Highlands; Section Five; Section Twelve; sergeant; shotgun; Smith, John; solar system; Sontaran; space hardware research centre; spaceship; Spaceship One; space suit; space-time coordinates; squad; Stegosaurus; stun gun; swagger stick; swan; tape recorder; taxi; tea; telephone; telephone box; television; temporal energy; time eddy; time field; Time Lord; The Times; time transference; time travel; Trap Two; Triceratops; Tyrannosaurus rex; tube station; UNIT Central Command; United Kingdom; United Nations Intelligence Taskforce; UNIT HQ; UNIT temporary HQ; Vandals; Venusian; Wales; walnut; Whitaker's machine; Whitehall; Whitehall underground quarters; wizard; Yorkshire

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16DM33; 20DM58; 33CS84; Chiswick; Defence Medal; DH25JV; Distinguished Service Order; Evening News; France and Germany Star; Fuller & Co; Italy Star; Korea Medal; Lindsey Motel; Longines; Military Cross and Bar; NF10SK; Order of the British Empire (Military Division); Pacific Star; TLH794; Wall's Ice Cream; War Medal 1939-1945; Wimpy; WVO2M

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