"Invasion of the Bane" is the first story of the first series of The Sarah Jane Adventures.


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1977; 2007; 2008

12 Bannerman Road; 13 Bannerman Road; alien; Arcateen V; Arcateenian; Arcateenian communicator; artron energy; B squad; Bane; Bane Mother; Bannerman Road; bean; belly button; Bible; bike shop; black hole; Blue Peter; Blunt, James; Book of Revelations; British Isles; broadband; Bubble Shock!; Bubble Shock! factory; bus; C squad; California; canine; car; carbohydrate; cat; Central America; chemical; ChildLine; clown (doll); computer; Darren; deadlock seal; divorce; the Doctor; Earth; email; Europe; European Union; gas mask; Girl Guide; hallucination; harpoon; Hollyoaks; image translator; Ivan; Jeremy Kyle; Jolie, Angelina; journalist; Lethbridge-Stewart, Alistair; little green men; London; Metropolitan Police; mobile phone; owl (toy); Park Vale Comprehensive School; plane; Pontin, Kath; pop; pope; Royal Mail; Sakkib; Sally; Sam; Sam2; Sammie; Shelley; Skaffas; Socks; sonic lipstick; sonic screwdriver; Space-Time Vortex; spaceship; star; star poet; Steve; Subbsy; Suki; Sullivan, Harry; sweetener; Switzerland; tea; telephone; telephone headset; telescope; television; time travel; toast; Tom; tortoise; United Kingdom; visual link; Western world; WHSmith; Wormwood; wrist scanner

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Archer & Lewis; British Leyland; Business Market; Close Encounters of the Third Kind; Communion; Dalek; Denco; DigiLondon; the Doctor's TARDIS; dog; E number; Earth vs. the Flying Saucers; Film Extra; Fitzpatrick, Percy; Fletcher Morgan; Funk Mainstream; Graham, Winston; Health Network; J590WAX; Jagaroth spaceship; Jock of the Bushveld; K-9 (Mark III); Leyland National; little gray men; Majestic-12; Metropolitan; Musicblasti; New Mexico; New Soul & Reggae; The Other Side of the Singing Detective; Purelife Music; Richardson, Gladwell; Rider from Rifle Rock; Rock & Pop TV; Roswell; The Short Stories of H.G. Wells; Sport Live; The Tumbled House; UFO; UK News & Sport; United States

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