"Inside the Spaceship" is the third story of the first season of Doctor Who.

Inside the Spaceship
Season 1 (1963-1964), Episode 12 to Episode 13
Air date 8 February - 15 February 1964
Written by David Whitaker
Directed by Richard Martin and Frank Cox
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The Mutants
Marco Polo


The Edge of DestructionEdit

The Brink of DisasterEdit

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20th century; 1289

armillary sphere; atom; bandage; bruise; butler; Cave of Skulls; computer; control column; Dalek; Dalek city; dust; Earth; England; fast return switch; fault locator; fire; food machine; fourth universe; Gilbert and Sullivan; matter; memory bank; nightcap; ointment; Ormolu clock; Plain of Pamir; planet; Quinnis; scanner; scissors; Skaro; sleeping drug; solar system; sun; Ulster

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