"Global Conspiracy!" is a featurette on the DVD release of "The Green Death" that is set in the Doctor Who universe. It takes the form of an investigative documentary, Global Conspiracy? A Special Report by Terry Scanlon, that explores the strange goings-on in 1970s Llanfairfach.



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1973; 1980s; 2003

Amazon River; appendicitis; appendix; ballet; Bassey, Shirley; BBC; BOSS; brigadier; Bute; capitalism; chairman; Charles; Cheltenham; chicken; coal; computer; Davies, Dave; the Doctor; director general; Earth; egg pasta; espionage; fly; France; fungus; fungus cannelloni; Geneva; Germany; Global Chemicals; Global Chemicals Research Centre; Global Conspiracy? A Special Report by Terry Scanlon; Grunertod; Hughes, Ted; Llanfairfach; Llanfairfach Incident; London; maggot; managing director; Man Alive; meat; Metebelis crystal; Minister for Environmental Protectiveness; Ministry for Environmental Protectiveness; Mortverte; mushroom; Newbury; Newport Echo; Newport General; Nuthutch; Nuthutch Foods; onion; Packer; Panorama Chemicals; Planet Ark; Prince of Wales; Pritchard, Bert; professor; protein; Range Rover; sage; scientific adviser; Sea Devil; sea fort; Smith, John; Smith, Sarah Jane; South Wales; soya; steam engine; Stuttgart; sunflower; Tandy; television; thirty year rules; Three-Day Week; toadstool; tomato; United Kingdom; United Nations Intelligence Taskforce; UNIT Central Command; UNIT HQ; the Valleys; Wales; Yates, Mike

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