"Genesis of the Daleks" is the fourth story of the twelfth season of Doctor Who.


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450; 1400; 1450; 2000

Alexander the Great; Alpha Centauran Table Tennis Club; artillery; brain; camera; car; chemical weapon; chief scientist; coffee; Command Headquarters; computer; computer programming; concrete; cosh; Dalek; distronic explosive; distronic toxaemia; Earth; Elite Guards; Elite Scientific Corps; Elite Scientific Corps bunker; Elite Unit 7; energy weapon; etheric beam locator; Frenton; gas mask; general; genetic engineering; genocide; gun; heart; House of Congress; House of Congress council; Hyperon; ion; jelly baby; Kaled; Kaled army; Kaled dome; Kaled Elite; Kaled mutant; knife; land mine; Latin; life support chair; magnifying glass; Mark 3 travel machine; Mars; Military Elite Scientific Corps; mutation; muto; neutraliser; norm; Parran; protective dome; radiation detector; rifle; robot; rocket loader; Section 101; security commander; security scan; senior researcher; Seven Galaxies; Skaro; sonic screwdriver; Space Station Nerva; space-time coordinates; Special Unit; Stone Age; supreme commander; surgery; tape recording; tea; telephone; Thal; Thal dome; Thal military; think tank; Thousand Year War; Time Lord; time ring; time travel; transistor radio; transmat beam; transporter; Venusian; virus; war rocket; Wastelands; yo-yo

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