"Fury from the Deep" is the sixth story of the fifth season of Doctor Who.


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18th century; 1938; 1968

antidote; bomb; brain; British armed forces; British Islands; Bunsen test; camera; car; chief; chief engineer; coma; Control Rig; Cyberman; Dalek; director; doctor of medicine; drill rig; Dutch language; egg; engineer; England; ESGO compound; Euro Sea Gas; Feed HQ; Ferrier, Astrid; gas mask; gasometer; gun; The Hague; hairpin; helicopter; Holland; hypnosis; impeller; iron; laser; lion; London; maintenance controller; mariner; matron; milk; Minister of Defence; molecule; mouse; natural gas; North Sea; oxygen; parasite; Patterson; radar; radio; Rig A; Rig B; Rig C; Rig D; Rig F; sabotage; scanner; seaweed; seaweed creature; second-in-command; sonic screwdriver; spider; stethoscope; supply boat; tanker; technical adviser; telepathy; tranquiliser dart; U4; Victorian age; vegetable; video conference; Wales; Yeti

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