"Everything Changes" is the first episode of the first series of Torchwood.


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1935; 1941; 1962; 1988; 2006; 2007

133 Squadron; 138b Pentre Road; alcohol; alien; ambulance; amnesia pill; "Banana Boat"; Battle of Canary Wharf; beer; Bell; book scanner; British currency; "captain"; car; Cardiff; Cardiff Blitz; Cardiff City Police HQ; Cardiff rift; chameleon circuit; Chandler; Charlie Foxtrot Zero Six Foxtrot Delta Uniform; Chinese takeaway; Christmas Day; Coca-Cola; commander; computer; constable; contraceptive; Coryton; Crime Investigation Department; cryochamber; CSI; Cyberman (Pete's World); detective inspector; diabetes; Diane; Diet Coke; DNA; doctor of medicine; the Doctor; the Doctor's hand; the Doctor's TARDIS; Earth; Fanta; fish; fly; football; France; French language; Geoff; ghost; Glasgow; gun; hallucination; Harkness; Hellraiser; home intercept; the Hub; ID; invisible lift; Japanese; Jubilee Pizza; kebab; life knife; Llangyfelach Lane; London; Mahib; motorcycle; murder; Myfanwy; National Health Service; Nikon; oestrogen; Pac-Man; pheromone spray; pizza; plastic surgery; PC Plod; psychotropic drug; pterodactyl; radio; resurrection; resurrection gauntlet; retcon; Roald Dahl Plass; Robintree Alley; Royal Air Force; Royal Cardiff Infirmary; second-in-command; serial killer; Slimbo; Snowdonia; SOCO; South Wales Police; special ops; spaceship; Starbucks; Swansea; Sycorax spaceship; tea; telephone headset; television; Temple; terrorism; time shift; Torchwood 1; Torchwood 2; Torchwood 3; Torchwood 4; Torchwood Institute; Torchwood software; transport manager; truck; United Kingdom; United Kingdom law enforcement; United Nations; United States; Wales; Wales Millennium Centre; Weevil; Williams, Brenda

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