The third episode of SJA: Alien Files was broadcast on 25 October 2010.


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1009 BC; 2008; 2009; 2010

13 Bannerman Road; Alien Files; Arcateenian communicator; Bane; Bane Kindred; Bane Mother; Black Archive; Bloomin' Lovely; Bubble Shock!; Bubble Shock! factory; bus; car; chemical; commander; containment vortex; Dark Empire; deadlock seal; DNA; Earth; the Galaxy; Horath; image translator; K-9 (Mark IV); Kaldeann Cluster; Kudlak; Lexington Road Industrial Estate; Mercian Bank; mobile phone; Mutter's Spiral; Oxford University; phonic disruptor; power plant; probic vent; Raxacoricofallapatorian; satellite; Slitheen family; sonic lipstick; Sontar; Sontaran; Sontaran blaster; Sontaran space pod; spectographic biogram; Suki; the Sun; sweetener; Tunguska Scroll; UNIT; wrist scanner

Additional referencesEdit

1908; 1972

Arcateenian; ATMOS; the Beast; Dalek; the Doctor's TARDIS; dog; fairy; J337KAE; J590WAX; Jagaroth spaceship; K-9 (Mark III); Krillitane; Lazarus, Richard; Lethbridge-Stewart, Alistair; Leyland National; Metropolitan; Russia; Sullivan, Harry; Tunguska Basin; Uvodni

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