Donna Temple-Noble (née Noble) was a British woman who first encountered the Time Lord known as the Doctor when she was working as a "temp" secretary at H.C. Clements in late 2007. She initially rejected the invitation to travel with him, but became his companion when they met again over a year later in early 2009.


Early lifeEdit

Donna Noble was born to Geoff and Sylvia Noble in Chiswick. (DW: "Planet of the Ood") As a child, she was known amongst her family for being bossy and consequently earned the nickname of the "Little General". (DW: "The Sontaran Stratagem")

She was sent home for biting on her first day of school. Her mother would later consider this to be part of a long line of attention-seeking behaviour. (DW: "The Runaway Bride") At the age of six, she was told by her mother that there was to be no holiday that year. Determined to have a holiday, she proceeded to take a bus on her own to Strathclyde, forcing her family to send the police after her. (DW: "Partners in Crime")

Adult lifeEdit





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