"Day of the Daleks" is the first story of the ninth season of Doctor Who.


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1972; 2172; 2472

02BH41; 70BE81; Auderly House; Auderly House summit conference; Blinovitch Limitation Effect; Bonaparte, Napoleon; brigadier; camera; captain; car; Central Zone; China; computer; controller; corporal; Dalek; Dalekanium; Dalek Empire; Dalek occupation of Earth (2157-67); Dalek saucer; dematerialisation circuit; despatch rider; dog; Earth; England; escapology; Financial Times; French window; Geneva; Georgian house; ghost; gorgonzola; grenade launcher; Greyhound; Greyhound Two; High Council of the Time Lords; higher anthropoid; Honda; iron; Jeep; Land Rover; London; RAF Manston; marine; metallurgy; mind analysis machine; Minister of Defence; motorcycle; North Wales; observation satellite; Ogron; Ogron homeworld; Peking; Prime Minister of the United Kingdom; private; quad bike; Quisling; radio; radio operator; Rank Has Its Privileges; ray gun; Royal Air Force; Russia; sergeant; Skaro; South America; Southern Asia; space-time coordinates; telephone; television; temporal feedback circuit; temporal paradox; Third World War; time field; time transmitter; time travel; Time Vortex magnetron; Trap One; Triumph; ultrasonic disintegrator; United Nations; United Nations Intelligence Taskforce; United States; UNIT HQ; Uxarieus; video conference; wine; Women's Royal Army Corps; Work Centre 117

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