The Daleks were a race of genetically conditioned Kaled mutants housed in armoured travel machines that originated from the planet Skaro. Created for the survival of his race by Kaled chief scientist Davros, they were xenophobic conquerors who believed they were destined for universal and absolute supremacy.




Daleks at the Pandorica






One of Raymond Cusick's original design drawings


A Cusick design that incorporated a tricycle for the operator

The Daleks were created by screenwriter Terry Nation for the 1963-64 Doctor Who serial "The Mutants", although designer Raymond Cusick was responsible for the iconic appearance of the race. As shown by their apparent demise at the end of their first serial, the original intention was for the Daleks to make only one appearance. However, a steep increase in viewing figures during their initial serial's broadcast and a highly favourable public response to the creatures ensured their recurrence.

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