"Colony in Space" is the fourth story of the eighth season of Doctor Who.


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1971; 1972; 2471; 2472

43; agriculture; alarm beam; ambassador; assault; bird; brigadier; buggy; Bureau of Interplanetary Affairs; captain; Charlie; communicator; computer; Crab Nebula; dematerialisation circuit; doomsday weapon; duralinium; Earth; Earth Control; Earth Government; electrician; engineer; entertainment console; espionage; explosive charge; fleet; Gallifrey; Gallifreyan language; Garden of Eden; gas grenade; gas mask; genetic engineering; governor; gun; handcuffs; High Council of the Time Lords; horse box; IMC Headquarters; insect; Interplanetary Mining Corporation; John Robert Ashe's spaceship; lizard; Mark 3 servo robot; the Master's TARDIS; mineralogist; mining; motor car; murder; nuclear generator; piracy; policeman; priest; "Primitive" city; projector; radiation; radio; rocket; scanner; scrambler; sky city; sleep gas; spaceship; Spain; spanner; spear; suicide; superweapon; survey ship; TARDIS key; telepathy; telephone; Time Lord; United Nations Intelligence Taskforce; UNIT HQ; Uxarieus; Uxarieus colony; Uxarieus native; video conference; warp drive

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