"City of Death" is the second story of the seventeenth season of Doctor Who.


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400 million BC; 1452; 1503; 1505; 1519; 1979

Academius Stolaris; amino acid; animal; Anubis; Arc de Triomphe (illustration); Atlantic Ocean; atmospheric thrust motor; Borgias; bouillabaisse; Braxiatel Collection; butler; Cafe de Flore; captain; car; cell; cellular accelerator; Chambertin; Champs-Élysées; chicken; China; coffee; computer; count; countess; cow; cracks in time; Dalek; Débat sur la France de demain; detective; Earth; egg; Egypt; Egyptian; Eiffel Tower; Einstein, Albert; England; entrecôte bordelaise; escargot au beurre; field interlace stabiliser; fire; Florence; France; French currency; French language; Gainsborough, Thomas; Gallifrey; gendarme; geometry; Greek; gun; Gutenberg Bible; Hamlet; haricots verts; helicopter; hologram; Horus; Italy; Jagaroth; Jagaroth spaceship; Khnum; La Redoute; laser; The Last Supper; Leonardo da Vinci; level five civilisation; Louis Quinze; Louvre; Maxim's; Metropolitain; micromeson scanner; Ming vase; motorcycle; Muséum national d'histoire naturelle; Mona Lisa; Norman; Notre Dame; Paris; Le Petit Pont; pommes sautées; professor; puzzle box; pyramid; radiation; randomiser; Renaissance; Riguad, Jacques; scanner; Scarlioni, Carlos; Scarlioni chateau; Shakespeare, William; Sirius V; Skaro; Solarium Panatica; soned; sonic knife; sonic screwdriver; Stricium; Tancredi; Télé Poche; temporal engineering; time field; Time Lord; time slip; time travel; Time Vortex; train; Trocadero; vegetable; Village Suisse; vitamin pill; warp drive; warp field; water; wheel; wine; X-ray

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